About SUH Pillow

Dr. SUH, along with a research team of professional medical staff and external experts,
made the most comfortable pillow by finding the optimal height and cervical curve
through many years of research and clinical experiments.
Why wouldn’t it be comfortable to sleep with any pillow?
People spend an average of one-third of the day sleeping. The human body keeps moving while sleeping. At this time, the pillow supports the head during sleep time and helps not to be uncomfortable.
They complain that they couldn't sleep properly because they were uncomfortable with something, but most of them don't know the cause. The sleeping posture varies depending on the pillow, which greatly determines the quality of sleep. The right choice of pillow determines the quality of sleep.
It's hard to find the right pillow for you. If the height is okay, the intensity may not match or lie down immediately, but if you lie on your side, you may feel uncomfortable or experience stiff neck pain when you wake up.

Dr.SUH has researched to figure out the answer caused from the worries.
Which pillow should I choose?
No matter how good the material or expensive the pillow is, it is useless if the height and curve of the pillow do not match the cervical spine. Dr. SUH, who has used almost all the pillows that are famous, but has not found a suitable pillow, decided to find the most comfortable pillow height and curve by changing the height of the pillow himself. In addition, conditions were added to maintain a continuous correct sleeping position by comparing different elasticity for each material.
We did not neglect or rule out any conditions because it is a pillow that will share 1/3 of the day, from the height considering when lying back and side position, the spine curve that connects to the cervical spine, and the optimal pillow elasticity to support stably.
SUH Pillow was born with Dr. SUH's efforts to relieve neck pain and insomnia, which are the causes of musculoskeletal diseases, and to sleep soundly.
Years of research and clinical trials by Dr. SUH to find the optimal size and cervical spine curve.
Recently, as the usage time of smartphones and PCs has increased, more and more people are visiting hospitals due to neck pain. Pain diseases such as neck disc caused by wrong habits are one of the representative diseases of modern people. In order to prevent this, the right posture is most important. Dr. SUH tried to find a way to relieve pain in daily life by encountering patients complaining of discomfort.
It is very important to choose the right pillow because using the pillow that doesn't fit you can cause neck pain.
If you use a pillow that suits you, you can prevent pain by correcting the C-shaped cervical spine curve when you sleep, and it is effective in preventing not only spinal diseases but also cardiovascular diseases due to a comfortable sleep.
The correct sleeping posture is that the curve of the cervical spine is properly maintained when lying back, and the cervical spine and thoracic spine are in a straight line when lying side, so there is no shoulder pressure. The role of pillows is very important to maintain this sleeping posture.
Developed a pillow, combining orthopedic and rehabilitation
medical treatments.
Because the human body is organically connected, if one place is not good, it sends a signal in another part. Patients who came with knee pain complain of neck or shoulder pain the next visit, and patients who came with back pain complain of leg pain the next visit.
If the cervical spine is twisted due to incorrect posture and lifestyle habits, it can cause various musculoskeletal diseases by breaking the balance of the body, such as twisting the spine and tilting the body. It can also cause recurrence of symptoms or persistent pain even after treatment.
Dr. SUH is the first orthopedic rehabilitation medicine specialist in Korea and has been treating numerous types of musculoskeletal disorders for many years. He is a musculoskeletal specialist who constantly studies and presents orthopedic and rehabilitation medical treatments for musculoskeletal disorders to find the best treatment for patients.
Dongwon Suh, MD. PHD. specialized for Joint & Spine, Korea's first double major in orthopedic surgery & physiatrist.
  • · Graduated from Korea University Medical School.
  • · Obtained a doctorate in medicine at the graduate school.
  • · Training and obtaining specialists in rehabilitation medicine at Korea University Guro Hospital.
  • · Completion of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Korea University Anam Hospital and acquisition of a specialist.
  • · Training for many years as a research professor at Harvard Medical School's Musculoskeletal Research Institute.
  • · Former member of the Korea Football Association.
  • · Former member of the Korean Sport & Olympic Committee.
  • · Served as the attending physician for the 2012 London Olympics.
  • · The Head of Barunsesang Hospital.
SUH Pillow maintains the optimal body curve for a good night's sleep, leading to
a comfortable sleep in the healthy posture.
SUH Pillow was developed to present a healthy daily through stable sleep to those who complain of persistent pain due to deformation of the cervical curve or who cannot sleep well due to discomfort.
The most important thing in sleep is the height and curve of the pillow that supports the cervical spine, which can cause the neck to bend and harm the C-shaped curve of the neck. For stable sleep, it is recommended to use a pillow that can support the back of the neck while maintaining the curve of the neck correctly.
Improper sleeping position, such as leaning to one side or lying stomach, can cause musculoskeletal disorders. The right sleeping posture is a position that can maintain the original curve of the spine.
SUH pillow is a product that was reproduced through a 3D three-dimensional design by finding the optimal cervical spine curve after conducting research and clinical trials based on data from Barunsesang Hospital. It prevents neck disease and helps relieve pain by keeping the cervical vertebral curve correct even sleeping.

Dongwon Suh, MD. PHD. The Head of Barunsesang Hospital,
specialized for Joint & Spine, Korea's first double major in orthopedic surgery & physiatrist.